Plugin Dev Guide


Q & A

  1. what is vue-loader, babel-loader, lint-loader etc. ?
  2. Javascript moduel, moduleA.js? moduleB/index.js?

    See Learn the basics of the JavaScript module system and build your own library

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    • tools
      • CommonJS
      • AMD
      • UMD
      • ES6 (Harmony)
    • Best Practices
      • Tree shaking: import , export
      • Webpack vs Rollup vs Babel?
      • webpack:
        • code splitting,
        • async loading of bundles,
        • tree shaking,
      • UI Libraries have a dist folder that has the bundled and minified version for ES and UMD/CJS module systems as a target. There is a lib folder that has the transpiled version of the library.
      • Core Packages have just one folder which has the bundled and minified version for CJS or UMD module system as a target.