Rapoo Mechanical Keyboard

Rapoo V500s I really cannot bear the awkward of the Mac Pro Keyboard for long time. Yesterday I bought this the Rapoo V500s Mechanical Keyboard. It is pretty shinning and easy to use. The most importantly, it is cost-effectve and simple to perform. The sound of percussion the keyboard is crisp and rhythmic.

Keyboard shortcuts and combo keys

FN+ key Usage
  W exchange the function of WSAD and
  SCROLL Backlight Switch mode
  F1 Homepage
  F2 Email
  F3 Calculator
  F4 Search
  F5 Player
  F6 Previous Music
  F7 Next Music
  F8 Play/Pause Music
  F9 Halt Key
  F10 Mute Key
  F11 Volume-
  F12 Volume+
  Backlights Brightness-
  Backlights Brightness+